This is a website and blog about barefoot running, or natural running, or minimalist running, or whatever you choose to call it.

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I am Tim Britton, a late-thirties father-of-two in England, and I have loved running for as long as I can remember. In 2011 I began the transition away from ‘normal’ running shoes in favour of retraining my feet and legs to run naturally, wearing minimalist or ‘barefoot’ shoes, and sometimes no shoes at all.

Barefoot natural running

As I did so, I grew ever more convinced by the mantra ‘shoes bad, barefoot good’, and have spent quite some time researching barefoot running. I say running, because that’s what got me started, and that’s what most people are familiar with, but it doesn’t have to stop at running.

I maintain this website to bring all my research (albeit second-hand research) together to help me and the wider world better understand the benefits of barefoot.

While going truly barefoot is a lovely idea, it’s just not practical for the vast majority of us. In fact, for the runner it’s not always the best option to go truly barefoot; to run with a natural gait as if barefooted, but with added grip and protection must surely be the optimum. Therefore, a large part of this website’s content is my reviewing the growing number of ‘barefoot’ and minimalist shoes for running, for work, or just for lifestyle, that are available from a growing number of footwear manufacturers.

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With two active children I am increasingly conscious of what we put on their feet, keen to ensure that the inherent natural and free movement is unhindered by heavy and inflexible shoes. My site also includes reviews of kids’ barefoot shoes.

Some of the shoes on here are more barefoot than others, and hopefully my reviews help others decide what’s best for them. All of my reviews are completely impartial. They represent my own opinions and are not influenced or biased in any way by the people who let me test the shoes. My main gain from doing this is my growing collection of footwear, but I have accepted an invitation to join an affiliate programme which gives me a small financial reward if my readers click through to make a purchase from the vendor’s site.

I hope you enjoy reading my site, and I look forward to hearing from anyone with comments or questions.